Karl Marx vs Adam Smith – The Conclusion

Grey Matter has posted a great deal of material this week and we ask that you review, either on our Facebook page, Grey Matter or here on our blog, the information on Adam Smith vs Karl Marx. It is particularly timely this week as the Presidential debates in the United States are taking place. The information we have shared should help solidify your view of your respective candidates position on economics.

The best way to learn this material is read and reread the posts.  You will find that after doing this you will hear things, as in the case of the Presidential candidates, that you never did before.  This is the purpose and goal of Grey Matter!!!!

It is one thing to memorize information and something totally different to think about information and use it wisely.  Try this and let us know how it worked for you.


2 thoughts on “Karl Marx vs Adam Smith – The Conclusion

  1. Forwarded this to several friends who aren’t on Facebook. Made my husband, John, read it and he thought it was really good. So raves for you on this one. Loved that we could clearly see the alternate to Marxism… Great article.

    • Carolyn, Thank you very much. We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you will continue to follow Grey Matter. Feel free to forward to any friends and feel free to use our material if you like.

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